Armed Reconnaissance of Debdale Reservoir

Having heard very mixed reviews of the venue, me and my beautiful assistant/chief blog editor Caitlin decided to snatch a few hours together out on the bank. This short session would be more of a recce than a session, armed only with my trusty Shakespeare Expedition XT travel rod kitted out with a cracking little Mitchell spinning reel along with any of the odds and sods of end tackle that are in my stinky fishing bag. Having only really been able to find slightly out of date information at about the lake we were heading in blind.

Once we arrived, it became immediately obvious that the reservoir water levels seemed to be quite low. I think I read online that the reservoir  is not in use any more as a water supply so I am unsure why it has been drained to a lower level if it is just a beauty spot. I had initially hoped to walk around both reservoirs and whack a cheeky dead-bait under a float in a few choice spots but due to the topography of the now half full all the margin spots were extremely shallow less than a foot. Iv been told the reservoir has maximum depths of around 7 – 8 metres but without plumbing for depth I would have to assume that these depths were reached in the middle of the reservoir. This threw a slight spanner in the works due to the size of both reservoirs with no promising looking margin spots and no hope of casting into a deeper looking areas because of the light float tackle and short length spinning rod.

At the end of the day, it was a good recce of a nice looking water.Which has huge potential to hold some monster pike, carp and even a monster catfish claimed by a diver to be as much as 6 foot long. The quest for a northern northern pike continues.


Footnote – I was tempted to start referring to a northern northern pike as a northern^2 pike but decided this would ruin my reputation as a ice cold fisherman blogger and destroy my chances of banging  some fisherman blogger groupies.

6 Responses to Armed Reconnaissance of Debdale Reservoir

  1. stu says:

    it was lowered in 2007 to reduce the pressure on the dam wall between the two resers and it was hoped to reduce flooding on the nearby M60

  2. Mark crolla says:

    Fished it all my life only live 5 min walk away been an open water for yrs no fees no day ticket herd a couple ov criminal brothers av invested init sick ov polish taking the fish from the water aswell not worth £100 a yr to fish no 1 will pay that unless it goes commercial an well stocked

  3. david green says:

    the lads taking it over have been taking fish out of the lower one and putting them into the upper one united utilities and the nra have been informed, as it’s Illegal to move fish with out the relevant license lads i know fished it few weeks back and they was told to pack up! they just told the bloke trying to run it to fuck off…

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