Dorset Stour Muscliff Summer Pike Highlights

My fishing adventures in the northern canals have been less than fruitful so far. Maybe the inner city canal is not the lush breeding ground that I envisioned for all the little fishies. I am surprised none of the fish want to settle down and build a home there, with all the free building materials in their its actually quite shocking I mean in the canal there are millions of breeze blocks, steel beams and even fencing for their little fishy gardens. I have even seen push bikes in there for them to commute to work.

Anyway, to beef out my fish blog I have decided to cast my thoughts back to greener pastures of fishing in positive temperatures on a stretch of the Stour right next to the famous Throop fishery who’s specimen barbel and chub -and recently its pike- are targets for anglers up and down the country. I was lucky enough to spend some time walking its banks in the hunt for pike. The river is beautiful and best of all its free fishing along a 2 mile-ish stretch situated between Brecon Close in Muscliff and the boundary of Throop Fishery. Best access to the boundary side is at the corner of Boundary Lane and Throop Lane, next to the shit factory. Even caught a couple of stonking little pike the best being around 14lbs.

Chief Editor Caitlin's PB

Chief Editor Caitlin’s PB

Lovely Low Double taken with a wobbled sprat

Lovely Low Double taken with a wobbled sprat

Fishing a lovely tight swim

Fishing a lovely tight swim

Favourite thing about the free stretch is the feature laden swims

Favourite thing about the free stretch is the feature laden swims

If you ever find yourself in Bournemouth  make sure you have a crack at the freestretch. You would be mad not to.

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